Saturday, January 20, 2007

RSS Feed / Update

It appears as though the RSS feed functionality is least not working as previously configured. I switched over to the new blogger and now the RSS feed hasn't been updated with recent posts.

Anyways, I have taken the dive: both of my machines are running linux now. (The third, an Sparc64 based Sun Ultra 60 is running Solaris and the CD drive died so I have no means to install anything newer - such as a recent Solaris 10 release.) This box is an AMD64 so I run it more often to save on electricity, though the OSS Radeon drivers w/3d work better than this NVIDIA supplied one does. I started work on my XML engine and the text rpg game again, after 3 years of downtime. I hope that goes well, but I have a very big load for the next 4 months so no promises are made.

Also, take note, it's 27 degrees fahrenheit outside (now it's 30). It's a beautiful day outside right now; at least looking out my window, haha. It's a good day to chill out and listen to some Frederic Chopin - or however you want to spell it.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

British Gun Control

I was doing some reading on the American Revolution and that led to further reading in relation to the rights of citizens. I ended up finding this site which presents some interesting finds. Violent crimes appear to be converging in the USA and England. Apparently their desire to curb violent crimes through gun control isn't working. Also it is interesting that their desires to start implementing gun control happened as a fear of the people after the Bolshevik Revolution. I'm not a Communist, but if there are enough people that want something then perhaps it is the 'goverment' that is wrong and not the people. Also interesting, through possession of weaponry this can be a method of being recognized. The colonies formed militias and fought back against these Intolerable Acts but they were still willing to petition the King for a cease-fire and a peaceful resolution of their differences. That the british people have allowed their common law rights to be infringed upon is confusing to me.

Also: this weekend I installed a mediawiki on my Fedora Linux system. The install went very smooth. But upon checking the prices of our provider for a static ip connection I probably won't get a static ip ($99 for 3Mbps down and 256Kbps up or something bad like that.)