Saturday, January 20, 2007

RSS Feed / Update

It appears as though the RSS feed functionality is least not working as previously configured. I switched over to the new blogger and now the RSS feed hasn't been updated with recent posts.

Anyways, I have taken the dive: both of my machines are running linux now. (The third, an Sparc64 based Sun Ultra 60 is running Solaris and the CD drive died so I have no means to install anything newer - such as a recent Solaris 10 release.) This box is an AMD64 so I run it more often to save on electricity, though the OSS Radeon drivers w/3d work better than this NVIDIA supplied one does. I started work on my XML engine and the text rpg game again, after 3 years of downtime. I hope that goes well, but I have a very big load for the next 4 months so no promises are made.

Also, take note, it's 27 degrees fahrenheit outside (now it's 30). It's a beautiful day outside right now; at least looking out my window, haha. It's a good day to chill out and listen to some Frederic Chopin - or however you want to spell it.


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