Thursday, March 31, 2005

On Music

I just read someone's thoughts on music, namely people that have supposed tastes for things like Jazz, Pop, Country, etc. Thoughts on how people switch to things like Jazz and Punk to be cool, to appear as though they have taste. Well here it is: FUCK'EM ALL. I like Country, Rock, and Metal. Not NuMetal, not Rap Metal, not fucked up thrash metal. I like Ozzy, Zep, Skynyrd, Chris Ledoux, BLS, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, George Jones. And I don't give a fuck if those mixtures are too wierd for most peoples perceptions of musical taste and personality.

I've listened to Classical, I love Chopin, and Tchaikovsky, but I just can't do it regularly. I find it not emersive enough. I've listened to punk, and it sucks; even the good stuff about angst, anarchy, etc. I've listened to pop (LeBouche, Ace of Base ... yea, I hit that phase) and it's way too short lived and it's designed to be that way. Jazz puts me to sleep.

I like good Rock, Metal (Hard Rock), and Country because it's so normal. Typical things that everyone deals with. Living day to day, living happily, living angrily, living poor, living well; it's all covered. It's just good music with good lyrics. I don't wanna have to sit and analyze what the fuck the deaper meaning of something is with the context of some thought of the hour. I just wanna listen to some damn good music!

Monday, March 28, 2005

First Post


So here will sit some of the various thoughts of mine. Hope all is well. This spawned from an idea from me and a few friends to have a blog for each other to read. We'll see where it goes from there.

Anyways, My first post will be on this: Firefox sucks. I have found many problems with it, but in my opinion it's lack of QA really shows. I have more crashes when running firefox than with Mozilla (SeaMonkey.) Stuff just works better. Anyways, if need be maybe I can produce more concrete evidence, but in the meantime I'll just rant.