Thursday, July 14, 2005

Asus A8V Delux problems booting


So I figured out that my Gigabyte KT400 Ultra based motherboard wasn't using the agp bus, but was using the pci bus. (it's PCI device id was 2 instead of 0.) So I figured while I was getting a new motherboard I might as well get one that is a 939 chipset, get a cheap AMD64 3200 for now, with the future upgrade path of a dual core processor. Though I still got an AGP chipset, since my card is a 6800 nvidia (soft bus over clocked to a gt), and I don't want to upgrade that yet or maybe ever.

So wednesday night I placed the motherboard in the nice black Thermaltake Tsunami case that I already have, wired it up (perfectly mind you) and the damn thing wouldn't boot!!!! After trying many things and bending over backwards for it I gave up. I didn't hear back from ASUS all of today, so this evening (Thursday) I figure what the hell, I'll try to boot it up. Sure enough, IT BOOTED! And I have no idea why after a day of sitting around it would decide to boot up but it did.

Update [7/25/2005] : Apparently the problem was and is, that I cannot use the DVI port directly. With just vga it boots, with just dvi with vga adapter it boots, with dual monitor using the dvi-to-vga adapter it boots.