Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new linux install

Recently I re-acquired my AMD 1900+ XP of yesteryear. It had been away for close to two years, but now is back. I installed FC6 and bricked it after doing a hard shutdown when I noticed the temps rising because I forgot to plug in the CPU fan after cleaning the dust off the heatsink. An install later and hear I am. May that be my vote of recommendation to setting up lm_sensors and the gnome panel's Hardware Sensor Monitor -- at least I didn't fry the cpu! I went from consistant >130 degrees fahrenheit to 114 now. This heatsink from a stock 3200+ XP is a great heatsink for the 1900+ XP. Especially when dust free.

Anyways, FC6 is a solid release. Bricking the box might have been my fault and after trying to resurrect via a Rescue CD I gave up and just reinstalled. I had my data backed up so it wasn't too big of a loss. The point of the post is to give props to and their hosting of the Enemy Territory for linux install. No juke and jive, just an easy to get link to a download -unlike and others. Also, the Radeon 9200 had 3d acceleration turned on by default in the X11 config. I can't say if this is because of Xorg but it probably is, I haven't had this box for a while so coincidentally I wasn't able to notice when 3d became auto-configured. Also I've started to play Wesnoth and may consider doing some development with it soon. I noticed on their site that in August they had a call for more developers.


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