Wednesday, May 17, 2006

linux media

So, today i got linux working quite well with my rca lyra mp3 player. Rhythmbox can play music directly off my lyra (RD2762B), something Winamp can't do. This combined with how well Fedora Core 5 for amd64 is running is making me quite happy.

It's an awesome development environment, for both the usual c/unix stuff, and java. Sun recently released java for amd64/linux. I have jdk1.5.0_06 working and together with Netbeans 5 it's great. The new matisse gui builder is nice, though I think I am first going to familiarize myself with jdbc and the java way to work with databases. Then I might take another look at java's current state of 3d graphics development. Though it will still probably suck so I'll just play around with 2d.

One last thing, here's an X11 dual screen config file if you want to check it out sometime. Getting duals to work with linux isn't too hard really.


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