Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lamb of God - Empire Expo Hall

I just saw the Lamb of God concert tonight (March 11th) and it was pretty awesome. The biggest surprise - Gojira was fucking awesome. I had only heard one of their songs before hand 'Gojira - Ocean Planet' which they played live. It was amazing, all their songs were quite good, and the energy they played with was intense. Each song was incredibly unique, timing changes all over the place; they were actually hard to predict, which made headbanging quite interesting. Other than that Machine Head was great too, there was only one song I recognized which I heard played on Chronix Radio (or Chronix Metal I don't remember) quite a bit.

The reason I actually went was because I am a huge fan of Trivium, they were basically what I figured I would hear. I had purchased the Special Edition disc of Ascendancy so I saw some of their live performances so I knew what to expect. They sound great live don't get me wrong, just not that polished; but they are getting better. The headliner was Lamb of God which was music I had really never heard before, they were very good. Their main guitarist was amazing, and they put on a good live show. They played for about an hour and a half...I am not much of a fan of constant screaming...but that goes with the territory of metal music i guess.


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